Administration and Technology Support

CHeS's central office is nestled in the beautiful northern Okanagan valley. Our office staff are ready to field your questions and provide you with answers and if our office staff doesn't have an answer, we will put you in contact with someone who does. Please feel free to contact us. Toll Free (1-877-777-1547)

Learning Mentors

These BC certified teachers serve as specialized learning mentors to families and students who wish to engage in one or more of the CHeS eStreams. eStream mentors utilize electronic means to assist family-groups throughout the province. They are familiar with many educational options and resources and will provide you with the level of support that you need to reach the particular educational goals valued by your family. 

Learning mentors work with students and families to help them:

  • clarify educational goals and interests
  • identify individual learning needs and preferences
  • identify teaching-style preferences
  • select assessment options
  • become familiar with several innovative homelearning methods, a variety of curriculum styles,
    and many CHeS-exclusive learning options
  • select curriculum or learning activities that match identified educational needs and preferences
  • make long-range plans

Learning mentors collaborate with families to create personalized learning plans that:

  • address family goals and expectations (within the parameters of the DL program)
  • are structured around preferred learning materials and assessment options
  • fulfill Ministry requirements for content and assessment (we are flexible and innovative)

Learning mentors support families and learners and help them reach their goals by:

  • connecting learners with their selected curriculum components and learning options
  • answering questions, providing requested guidance, providing assessments and summary reports
  • familiarizing families with the CHeS learning environment
  • developing collaborative relationships that support family goals
  • ensuring that Ministry requirements regarding subject content, assessment, reporting, and graduation requirements are met in a timely manner
  • maintaining a high level of efficient communication between themselves, school personnel, and the families involved


Neighbourhood Teachers

Neighbourhood teachers are BC certified teachers who work face-to-face with their own family group. Some neighbourhood teachers also work face-to-face with other families in their vicinity.


Employment Opportunities

We seek to sub-contract BC certified teachers who:

  • are flexible and open-minded toward a variety of teaching methods
  • consider themselves prompt and conscientious
  • are in personal agreement with the Statement of Faith
  • desire to contribute to the Vision and Goals
  • desire to mentor learners in a Christian community

 If the qualifications above describe you, please feel free to contact our office. Toll Free (1-877-777-1547)