Glossary of Commonly Used Terms and Abbreviations

BCFA - British Columbia Formative Assessment
Online assessment that identifies student ability in relation to PLOs.  Helpful for documenting prior learning, identifying areas of weakness, determining placement, or providing evidence of learning from varied sources. 

CHeS - Christian Homelearners eStreams
A community of like-minded folk who use their individual giftings to nurture Godly learning in a wide variety of contexts.

Daily Physical Activity
Ministry-required health-inducing activity.  30 minutes per school day / 150 minutes per week

Family Learning Plan
Document prepared by students, family, and teacher detailing intended resources, goals, form(s) of assessment, course content/assignments. Same as a Student Learning Plan but lays out the courses in parallel format for easy planning.

IDS - Independent Directed Study
Secondary course that allows students to initiate, develop and complete their own courses under the supervision of a teacher.  An IDS course must be based upon the learning outcomes of Ministry-authorized or Board/Authority Authorized Courses.  Course design includes proposed goals, content, and form(s) of assessment.  Students will document time spent.   For every 30 hours documented the student will earn 1 course credit.  One, two, three or four credits of selected studies may be earned for each IDS course reported.

IRP - Integrated Resource Package
A course document created by the Ministry of Education that includes Provincial Learning Outcomes and suggested learning strategies.

- Ministry of Education
BC's governing body for education

PLO - Provincial Learning Outcome
Created by the Ministry of Education, this series of statements defines learning objectives for each grade and each subject.

- shortened form referring to "Provincial Examinations"
Exam schedule, sample exams, and exam results are available on the MOE website.

- Student Learning Plan
Document prepared by student, family, and teacher detailing intended resources, goals, form(s) of assessment, course content and assignments.