Cross Enrollment - Grade 10-12 students

What is Cross Enrollment?

A 2006 ruling of the Ministry of Education made it possible for a grade 10-12 student to be enrolled in two or more BC Schools at the same time. The ruling ensures that additional courses, can be taken outside a student's school of record at no additional cost to the student and enabling them to experience a personally-rich and varied Graduation Program.

Who will benefit?

Cross enrollment with CHeS can benefit students who:

  • are unable to take a course at their own school due to scheduling or work conflicts
  • desire a course that it is not offered at their own school
  • would like flexible options (delivery format, time, completion rate...)
  • prefer to tailor their graduation program to fit their own particular interests
  • are interested in experiencing a different learning format
  • need an extra course in order to graduate

What courses are available?

English 10
Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 10
Foundations and Principles of Math 10
Physical Education 10
Planning 10
Science 10
Social Studies 10
Computer Graphics 10
French 10
Bible 10
Spanish 10

English 11
Communications 11
Apprenticeship Math 11
Foundations of Math 11
Pre-Calculus of Math 11
Biology 11
Chemistry 11
Physics 11
Earth Science 11
Science and Technology 11
Social Studies 11
Fine Arts and Applied Skills 11
Visual Art 11
Media Arts 11
Independent Directed Studies 11A
Independent Directed Studies 11B
Independent Directed Studies 11C
Bible 11
French 11
Introductory Spanish 11
Spanish 11

English 12
Communications 12
Apprenticeship Math 12
Foundations of Math 12
Pre-Calculus of Math 12
Graduation Transitions 12
Biology 12
Chemistry 12
Physics 12
Accounting 12
Business Computer Applications
Home Economics 12, Foods
Home Economics 12, Textiles
Visual Art 12
Media Arts 12
Independent Directed Studies 12A
Independent Directed Studies 12B
Independent Directed Studies 12C
Bible 12
French 12
Spanish 12 

Other courses may be available on request.
Some course availability is dependent on class enrollment.

Still have questions?

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"Students should be made aware that they are not allowed to take the same course at the same time at both their school of record and through distance education or distributed learning. If this occurs, the student may only get course credit from one source. Note that the last course percentage reported for a course in a session will become the percentage on record."

Ministry of Education Graduation Program Handbook 2007/2008