Distributed Learning Enrollment

Make sure you are familiar with and understand the Distributed Learning Program information.

New Enrollments are closed two weeks before (September 30, Feburary 10, and May 5 each year.)

Contact us if you need additional information.

Select and complete the correct document:

  1. Enroll in CHeS for the first time. As a part of your initial enrollment, please download and submit a completed Legal Residency form to the CHeS office by email, fax or by mail. This form is required for all families enrolled in CHeS.
  2. Re-enroll in CHeS - Contact the Office; be sure you have completed the Legal Residency form.

Once your enrollment is complete (all documents are in, including your Legal Residency form), you will receive:

  1. A verification e-mail with further instructions
  2. Instructions for completing your family profile
  3. Login information for accessing Resource Central, the CHeS Community hub and information center

Ministry of Education Active Policy

Criteria For Grades K-9

School files for Grade K - 9 students must contain dated evidence that a student is active on or before the dates listed in the 1701 Instructions.  The minimum evidence is a teacher-developed learning plan and a documented commitment from a parent. Additionally, there must be evidence of the student’s active participation three weeks following that date. 

Criteria for Grades 10-12

On or before the date listed in the  1701 form instructions, school files for Grade 10 - 12 students (including all adult students) must contain the following with respect to distributed learning courses:

  • A clear course plan must be on file for each course. This course plan must link to the course's learning outcomes, performance standards, required resources and assessment strategies. This course plan is the evidence supporting the requirement that assigned work is meeting the learning outcomes.
  • A current course selection or enrolment form must list the distributed learning courses reported for funding that meet graduation requirements.
  • Substantive student course activity must be submitted by the student to the teacher. 
    • The activity must represent a minimum of five percent of the course’s learning activities.  
    • The activity must be clearly linked to the learning outcomes of each course.
    • The activity must have been evaluated by the teacher and entered in the teacher’s records, dated on or before the date the student became active.